Sunni Busby, RN

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Congratulations to
Sunni Busby, RN, Nurse Manager AnMed Health Anderson, SC

We are pleased to announce that Sunni Busby from AnMed Health Medical Center, who was nominated by Paula Martin, has received the most votes this year in our second annual American Nurse Today Spirit of Caring recognition program.
Paula shared with us how she had the opportunity to witness first-hand Sunni’s unwavering commitment to serve others. Sunni has implemented an innovative program on her unit to commit to sit with patients which has truly made a difference in the lives of those who have come into her care. Her passion and ability to lead her entire 6 North team at AnMed Health to go “above and beyond”, demonstrates how she consistently brings extraordinary caring and compassion to her practice. Sunni is truly an inspiration to the nursing community and exemplifies the “Spirit of Caring”.
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Sunni serves as a nurse manager at AnMed Health in Anderson, SC and her extraordinary caring is definitely an inspiration to the nursing community here at AnMed Health.

In my role as a patient experience coach, I had the opportunity to do leader rounding on patients with Sunni.  We rounded on a female patient with bad odorous cellulitis of the leg.  She was grimacing and complaining when we entered the room.   Sunni had started an initiative on her unit to commit to sit with patients, so when we walked to the patient’s bedside Sunni leaned down beside her bed and told her she had beautiful blue eyes.  You could see an immediate change in the expression on her face.  Sunni showed this patient respect and dignity in the midst of a difficult situation.  This patient was on her unit for 40 days and went to Hospice the prior week after a decline in her responsiveness due to a possible stroke.

She had a birthday while she was on the unit and the staff brought cards and balloons, and clothes for her.  Sunni spent a lot of time building a relationship with this patient.  She learned that her husband had died and she had no children.  She only had an occasional brief visit from a couple of aunts from her husband’s side of the family while she was in the hospital.   The entire 6 North team under Sunni’s leadership went above and beyond to show this patient caring and compassion and served as her family when she didn’t have one of her own.

But Sunni didn’t stop showing caring and compassion to this patient when she left the hospital to transition to Hospice.  After being at Hospice a couple of days, Sunni went to visit her after leaving work and talked to her. She created a special bond and made this patient feel cared for.  Sunni also went to visit her again a couple of days later and noticed a decline in her condition.  She called Hospice to check on her the next day and decided to go sit with her.  Sunni was holding her hand when she took her last breath.  Sunni exemplified her passion for serving others and this lady didn’t have to die alone.